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How To Pick A New Shearer

The time to start the process of selecting a shearer for your alpacas is not two weeks before you want them shorn. In fact, most probably any shearers still available at that short notice are not the ones that would be your first choice. The time to start the process is January 1st. Do not procrastinate, for capable shearers book quickly and early.

If you are a new alpaca owner the place to start is to talk with other alpaca o... read full article

Alpaca fleece catching on in home furnishings

alpaca fabric used on fine furniture!

In her eight years of business, Healdsburg's Sandra Jordan has observed a pattern in the way designers purchase from her eponymous range of alpaca textiles. "Typically, they order a few cushions to see how it holds up, then maybe a throw, and then a couple of hundred yards for a bigger project," she says of the order escalation.

Indeed, increasingly, the luxurious fleece is appearing more... read full article